Trends in Bouquet and Flower Products

Consumers can expect more options for cut flowers and arrangements. Buyers will be looking for variety in designs and ethical practices from producers and retailers.

Historians can trace the tradition of giving flowers back to the Middle Ages. It is still a custom we observe today for special occasions like Easter, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Statistics indicate 67% of people say they buy flowers on Mother’s Day.

In this article, we will be looking at how online florists are coming up with innovative flower products and solutions.

1. Higher Demand for Bouquets and Arrangements

Arranged cut flowers represented the highest product sales for florists in the United States. International Trade Center statistics indicate the tonnage imported into the US rose from 1% in 2011 to 13% in 2015. Compared to bouquets and cut flower sales from online florists, potted plants and greenery has been declining.

However, flowering plants are still popular with consumers. The focus for online florist retailers and clients alike has been to create interesting arrangements for flower delivery. The top destination for the deliveries has been hospitals and weddings.

2. More Unique Designs from Online Florists

Consumers are increasingly looking for tailored solutions that address their needs and preferences. Roses are a classic choice for any special occasion such as anniversaries or on Valentine’s Day. But flower shops are forced to incorporate exotic plants or outstanding designs to meet their customer’s demands.

The trend for modern flower arrangements incorporates patterns with bold strokes and bright colours. The palette may include soft hues like purple, white, and pastel for elegant wedding flower arrangements. These unusual designs are more common with online florists than with traditional flower shops.

3. Other Complementary Gifts

The rise of digital stores has also encouraged sales of complementary gifts to go alongside flower delivery. Chocolates, balloons and plants are common complementary items chosen by shoppers over the internet.

4. An Increase in Holiday Flower Deliveries

Statistics indicate shoppers opt for online flower deliveries around holidays like Valentine’s Day, New Year's and Mother’s Day. Balloons and chocolates are the most popular items to send along with a flower bouquet on a holiday.

The trend is likely to continue as the global market works towards reopening businesses. Online deliveries can be the solution in times when social distancing restrictions are in place. Buyers are getting accustomed to the convenience of organizing same-day flower delivery from the comfort of their homes.

5. Increased Demand for Sustainability and Local Sourcing

Another growing trend is the demand for flowers from local suppliers. Local sourcing reduces the carbon footprint of delivering the product to the market. Consumers also want to support producers in their area by buying their fresh flowers.

But not all the flowers from your online florist can be from your location. Some exotic plants are imported because they cannot be sourced locally. Nevertheless, producers and retailers alike are adopting sustainable practices to address the demand for ethically produced goods.

Consumers can expect more options for cut flowers and arrangements. Buyers will be looking for variety in designs and ethical practices from producers and retailers. As digital tools become ubiquitous, online florists will incorporate data to enhance service delivery. If you are looking for same-day delivery or pickup please contact Forest of Flowers today.

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