Why Flowers Make The Best Birthday Gift

Make someone's birthday with a special birthday flower delivery from Forest of Flowers.

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Birthdays are a special time in most everyone's life. Not only do they happen only once a year, but for many people, their birthday takes on the aura of their "own personal holiday." This is a time where they give themselves permission to do whatever they please, however they please. Whether this means taking a special trip or simply indulging in whatever their latest food desires are, birthdays are certainly a time to remember.

In fact, 37% of the flowers bought are used as gifts, mostly during Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, so it's no surprise that flowers and their lovely blooms are coveted as birthday gifts. They're a thoughtful and unique present giving them "in the moment" appeal that many go crazy for. Many things can be said about same day flower delivery, but one of them is not "forgettable.

If these flowers are accompanied by more gifts (or perhaps a live plant), the effect can even be doubled. You'll be the star of the day by keeping this info in mind, and may even build up brownie points for what you'll receive on your birthday from the lucky recipient. Let's go over why birthday flower delivery can be the perfect gift, even if you don't have time to visit your local florists.

They Won't Receive Them From Anyone Else

Regardless of whether you're the recipient's good friend or lover, you can be pretty much guaranteed that nobody else will steal the show by choosing birthday flower delivery as well. Although people love flowers, they tend to choose them for overtly romantic occasions (Valentine's Day) or solemn occasions (hospital visits, funerals or to express sympathy). Birthdays are often out of the realm of gifting flowers for most people. This will make your gift a unique surprise that is sure to remain in their mind.

Flowers Are a Form of Living Art (That Spruce Up A Room)

Assuming that you've done your homework and have chosen a quality florist, having a quality flower arrangement in your possession can be quite the piece of artwork. A bouquet of flowers near a window has the amazing ability to spruce up a space so that it has more "greenery" in it, and feels "alive" to many people. Instead of looking at a drab object or wall, there is now a beautiful vase full of fresh flowers to tantalize your senses on your birthday.

They Don't Interfere With Diet Or Allergies

Sometimes it can be hard to get someone a good gift, especially if you know that they're on a diet or have possible allergens that they can't be exposed to. This eliminates a lot of food gifts and may even make it hard to shop for clothing for them. Luckily, birthday flower delivery doesn't have to deal with any of that, and professional florists know to dust flowers for pollen or other allergens before they let them go out into the world. When combined with a card or other item, they suddenly become the perfect gift.

They Can Provide an Excellent Break to a Birthday Workday

Unfortunately, most people have to work on their birthdays and celebrate after. Therefore, their family and friends will often give them gifts before or after work, leaving them to trudge through the day on their own.

With birthday flower delivery and a little note, on the other hand, you can be a well-remembered break to a birthday workday. This can help ensure they enjoy their special day even if they're going through their normal routine.

Living Flowers (The Gift that Keeps on Giving)

Sometimes, flower shops will have plants in stock that you can send. Anything from potted plants to aromatic herbs can be gifted, and then perhaps used by the recipient later on. Unlike cut flowers, which have been severed from the root and will eventually die, living flowers have the potential to be the gift that keeps on giving without being a burden. They can even be transplanted outside to a garden, or kept in a more decorative pot. Unlike a pet or other responsibility, you can also go out of town for a couple of days and keep your plant healthy and happy.

It's obvious that flowers make the perfect birthday present, even though they're usually associated with romantic holidays. When you're ready to make someone's special day even better, reach out to the florists you can trust at Forest of Flowers.

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