Wedding Flower Trend Predictions for 2021

Learn about what the wedding flower trends for 2021 are and how Forest of Flowers, Best in London & area wedding florists, can help you get the trendiest look.

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The best wedding florist can provide you with beautiful flowers perfectly on-trend for your wedding. The best wedding florist is a florist who has the creative ability to be flexible enough to move with the trends.

Staying on trend for your wedding is easy when you have the right florist in your corner. Wedding flower trends change just about every year.

What Are the Projected Trends for 2021?

Experts in the wedding industry are predicting some changes for the 2021 wedding season. While colour pops are going to remain a favourite this year, look for a much lighter palette as there will be a high demand for all-white wedding flowers.

Organic-looking arrangements are another big predicted trend. Florists report seeing an uptick in all black and white palettes that are less “arranged” and requests for them to be a more organic type of flower arrangement.

To meet the demand for a more neutral colour palette, florists have turned to bleaching traditional greenery to add even more nude-like colorus to wedding flowers without losing the wow factor that greenery can add. Here are some of the other projected trends for 2021:

  • Statement backdrops: Statement floral backdrops found their place in the 2020 Zoom weddings because they make a huge impression on camera. As the pandemic continues and wedding guests are tuning in, instead of attending, it looks like ceremony statement pieces are here to stay for a while.
  • Spray painted flowers: It is not always easy to find the perfect fluorescent hue in nature. Florists are fixing the problem by spray painting flowers like baby's breath to add some wow factor. This trend will likely continue into 2021 while people are looking for ways to make their wedding stand out from the rest.
  • Wildflowers as the stars: Wildflowers and natural arrangements are set to be big trendsetters this upcoming wedding season. Look for fresh wildflowers at many wedding events.

Other trends that are likely to catch on for the upcoming wedding season include large statement bouquets for the bride. However, the flower trend does not stop with décor. There is a huge trend to include edible flowers in your wedding fare.

Connect With the Best Wedding Florist

There are so many things to plan and arrange for your wedding, the right florist can easily take some of the stress out of the situation. If you want to make sure that your wedding is the epitome of style, connect with the best wedding florists London, St. Thomas and Strathroy have to offer and let them help you stay on-trend.

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